Patched Sur
End of Life
Like seriously what the heck happened?!
After major concideration, I (@Ben216k, used to be @BenSova) decided to discontinue my patchers. While they did help many people, in fact a video featuring it got 216 thousand views, they all are getting to become more than I want to maintain.

Do I have to switch to OCLP right away?

You technically don't have to switch for now. Patched Sur itself will reappear on GitHub soon, along with everything required to run it, and support will continue until sometime in 2022. At that time, the GitHub repo will be archived, and Patched Sur won't recieve future updates for the patcher and the patcher will no longer recognize new versions of macOS Big Sur (if there are any).

How can I switch to OCLP?

I will make a full guide on switching to OCLP eventually. It depends on whether or not I want to do my OCLP GUI or not. Obviously if I do make a GUI for it then I will base the instructions around that, so I have to wait for the decision.

Will I have to wipe my Mac when switching?

NO! Of course not! You don't have to, and don't worry about it. Reinstall macOS literally means reinstall macOS. You take macOS delete it then put it back. No one said anything about even touching data.

What about Mini Monterey?

Everything above applies to Mini Monterey.

Will there be other projects by Ben?

Of course! I'm still the same dedicated programmer, why would I stop? Keep your eyes on the Urisinia Projects Discord Server to learn about what's coming, or maybe you could be there for a more purposeful purpose and actually talk to people (come on guys :D!)
It's been a fun ride. 216 thousand, I still can't belive that number. That just goes to show how powerful giving it your best shot is. That just goes to show how powerful dedication is. How powerful doing what you love to do is. How powerful it is to share who you are. As for those haters, they can hate, if that's who they want to be, well, there's nothing I can do. Thank you to everyone (who wasn't a hater lol) who has inspired me to keep doing what I was doing.