Patched Sur
Updating The Patcher App
The patcher app gets updates too!
Every once in a while, I will release a new update to the patcher app. The updating process is pretty easy so don't overthink it. Checking your version number is pretty simple, just open the app and look under the "Patched Sur" title. If you see nothing, you have v0.0.4 or below, otherwise, it'll say the version number.

Updating from v0.0.4 or below

If you have an older version of the patcher, like v0.0.4 or v0.0.3, then you need to download a new version of the patcher from GitHub. Just download this file and open it, then drag the Patched Sur app into your Applications folder. After that, you are done and can update using the next method from now on.

Updating from v0.0.5 or later

To update from a newer version of the patcher, like v0.0.5, you can open the app and use the native updater. Inside the app, click Update macOS then it will automatically check for updates for the patcher. Just click Download Update and let it do its thing. After that, you're updated.